ThermoPro TP-12 Digital Wireless Meat Thermometer

by ThermoPro
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The ThermoPro-12 is a Digital Wireless Thermometer with timer, that accurately provides the internal temperature of your meat and oven/bbq. With a range of up to 300 feet, this unit will allow you to avoid the cold, while you monitor both your meat and smoker from the comfort of your home. No more back and forth between indoors and outdoors, just sit back and relax until the alarm rings. If you're unsure about how long 300 feet is, don't sweat it, as this receiver will notify you if it loses connection with the transmitter. If you find yourself using the same temperature a lot of the time, you're in luck as this unit will save your settings even when powered off. 


  • Large, backlit LCD display 
  • Set your own temperature settings manually 
  • Countdown and count up timer
  • Alarm
  • Celsius/Fahrenheit selector 
  • Receiver counter top stand
  • Transmitter has wire to either hook on oven door or use as a stand
  • Lost link alert 
  • Receiver will flash and beep when meat temperature goes above your programmed temperature
  • Receiver will flash and beep when oven temperature goes above or below your set range
  • Timer and temperature settings are saved when unit is powered off


  • Temperature Range: 32˚F to 572˚F (0˚C to 300˚C)
  • Battery: 4 x AAA batteries
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±1.8˚F (±1˚C) from 32 to 212°F (0 to 100°C)
  • Resolution: 
  • Probe Length: 6 ½" food grade stainless steel probe and 3" oven/bbq stainless steel probe 
  • Cable Length: 40" stainless steel mesh cable 
  • Remote Range: Up to 300 feet 
  • Receiver Display Size: 1.5×1.3 inches (38×34 mm)
  • Transmitter Display Size: 1.0×0.5 inches (26×13.5 mm)
  • Receiver Dimensions: 3.94 H x 2.44 W x 1 D inches (100 H x 62 W x 25 D mm)
  • Transmitter Dimensions: 3.62 H x 2.44 W x 1.3 D inches (92 H x 62 W x 33 D mm)
  • Weight: Receiver: 0.2 lbs. (92 g), Transmitter:0.236 lbs. (107 g)
  • Probe and Wire can withstand up to 716˚F (380˚C)
  • Certifications: FCC certified, CE certified, ROHS, FDA approved probe
  • Uses: BBQ, Oven, Smoker, Candy, Meat, Food

Package Contents: 

  • 1 x Digital Thermometer Receiver
  • 1 x Digital Thermometer Transmitter 
  • 1 x Food Temperature Probe
  • 1 x Oven/BBQ Temperature Probe
  • 4 x AAA batteries 
  • 1 x Manual 

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    ThermoPro TP-12 Manual

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    Ask a Question
    • Can I leave the probes in the meat throughout the entire cooking process?

      Yes, absolutely, this is how our units are designed to provide a real time temperature.

    • Is the device weather resistant?

      No, do not leave the item in rain or immerse in water.

    • Can I close the lid/door of my smoker, BBQ and oven on the wire without damaging it?

      Yes, feel free to close the lid/door of your appliance on the probe wire. It will not damage the wire and this is the intended use of the wire. 

    • Will the receiver work inside my house?

      Yes, the receiver will maintain signal strength up to 300 feet away, as long as clear line of sight is established.

    • Can multiple units be used simultaneously, without interfering with each other? I\'d like to use three at the same time.

      It's not possible for different units to interfere with each other. So, yes, multiple units can be used at the same time.

    • Does this use RF or Bluetooth technology?

      This unit uses RF technology as it provides more reliable and superior range in comparison to bluetooth. 

    • What's the difference among the tp07, tp08, and tp12?

      Good question! The TP08 and TP12 are almost identical, except the design is of the unit is different. Functionality wise, they're the same. 

      The TP07 is a single probe unit and does not have the ability to set an ambient temperature range, so you would receive an alert if you grill fell out of the a range of 150 F - 200 F.