ThermoPro TP-60 Indoor Outdoor Temperature and Humidity Monitor

by ThermoPro
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The ThermoPro TP60, indoor outdoor temperature and humidity monitor gauge is equipped with professional grade sensors, making it the best choice to get accurate measurements, be it in your home or remotely where the sensors sit. Keep your home safe and comfortable by using the TP60 as it allows for you to ensure proper room temperature and humidity control. Wanting to place your remote sensor outdoors? No worries, our sensors can withstand rain without issues, giving you the ability to monitor humidity and temp outdoors before heading outside! 


  • Bold, easy to read LCD screen displays current indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity percentages. 
  • Features temperature and humidity percentages with trend indicator arrows allowing you to react in advance! 
  • Temperature and humidity monitor stands upright for tabletop use or is wall-mountable. Remote sensor is also wall-mountable. 
  • Includes all-time / 24 hours high and low records for temperature and humidity. 
  • You can simply reset the temperature and humidity with the press of a button. 


  • 433 Mhz transmission frequency.
  • Transmission Range: Up to 200 ft. (range maybe shorter based on interference present).
  • Indoor Temperature Range: -4°F~158°F (-20°C~70°C).
  • Outdoor Temperature Range: -58°F~158°F (-50°C~70°C).
  • Humidity Range: 10% ~ 99%
  • Temperature Accuracy: +/- 2.0°F (+/- 1.1°C).
  • Humidity Accuracy: ±2% from 30% to 80%; ±3% below 30% and above 80%

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Temperature and Humidity Monitor
  • 1 x Remote Sensor 
  • 1 x User Manual 
  • 4 x AAA Batteries 

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    Introduction Video:

    ThermoPro TP60 Manual

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    • I purchased a TP60 through Amazon and installed it and it worked well for 30 days..all of a sudden it started cycling from station 1 to 2 to 3 for 6 sec. each. As I only have one station it's a problem. How do I keep it on station #1 only?

       If you have registered more than one sensor, press the CHANNEL/SYNC button on the base station to select the remote channel you want displayed permanently on the base station. Press CHANNEL/SYNC button until you observe a circular arrow on the base station LCD display under the channel number. The unit will then auto-scroll, changing from channel to channel every 5 seconds. 

    • I just set up the ThermoPro TP60 Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Humidity Monitor with Temperature Gauge Humidity Meter. Mostly I am using it to remotely monitor indoor humidity in my crawl space under the house. Where do you suggest is the best placement for the remote to be placed to best measure humidity in this space? Centrally located, near an access panel, at one end or the other...? What relative humidity range is acceptable for southern Delaware? Thank you.

      Place it in the most central location you can possible. Can't comment on what you should expect for a specific region. 

    • Hello, multiple outdoor transmitters can be connected to the indoor receiver unit. But, is it also possible to connect multiple transmitters to multiple receiver units? Example: I am planning to install a transmitter in the basement and an other transmitter outsinde in the garden. To get both temperatures on different locations I would like to install a receiver in the bathroom and a second one in the living room. Is that possible? How many receivers and how many transmitters can be connected?


      Yes, you can have one transmitter connected to multiple receivers, just follow the pairing procedure with both units nearby. 

    • Can't get it to work. Is the red light on the remote supposed to be on all the time or not.


      It will flash. 

    • I am planning to purchase ThermoPro TP-60 for my terrarium with GALS (Giant African Land Snails), as current solutions are not trustworthy at all. Anyways, I want to mount the sensor at the top (ceiling) of my terrarium. Does it matter that it's mounted vertically, instead of horizontally? Also, I spray my terrarium several times a day with water. If I spray by accident on the sensor unit, will it damage it, or is it waterproof and won't damage it? Thank you for answering! Highly appreciated.


      Yes, you can mount vertically, will not effect results. Yes, it's rainproof, as long as it's not submerged or an excessive amount of water on the unit, it should be fine. Try not to spray the battery compartment. 

    • I would like to purchase the ThermoPro TP-60 Indoor Outdoor Temperature and Humidity Monitor with an additional receiver so that I can have a display on both floors of my house. What is the model number of the just the additional receiver?


      They can be found here:


    • When are you going to have additional sensors in for the TP 60?

      We expect them in 2-3 weeks.

    • Can we order extra transmitters and they be on back order.


      We expect them in 1-2 two weeks. If you call us during business hours, we can place a back order. You must call us though to place a back order. 

    • Hi, I've bought a TP-60 from Amazon and it's working fine, but I saw a difference between the temperature between the TP-60 and my Smartphone, this difference is around +3ºC in TP-60, The internal and external sensors have the same measure of temperature. The difference is the same between day and night so the sun is not interfering on it. Is it normal?

      The temp on your smartphone will not be as accurate as our TP60 for your specific area. The temp on your smartphone from a news station is averaged throughout the day for an entire city or town. 

      So, yes seems normal. 

    • Can the indoor/outdoor model be placed in a sealed sandwich bag to protect it from heavy rain damage?

      Sure, there should be no signal problems within a plastic sandwich bag. 

    • I have a TP-60. I love it. Can I order more remote modules separately?

      You can buy some more here:

    • What does the LL in the humidity range mean?

      It means the humidity is below 10%. Most hygrometers are unable to read below 10% accuaretely unless it's a very expensive device used in a lab setting. 

    • We received a TP60 thermometer as a gift. Everything works fine except the outside humidity reading. It simply shows the letters, “LL.” What does this code mean and how can we reset the thermometer? Thank you.

      LLL indicates that the humidity is below 10%. 

    • How do I set the thermometer to only read 1 channel? It keeps switching btween all 3 channels. We only have 1 unit and would like it to display continuously.

      Press the channel button until you see the circular symbol disappear on the base station.